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We often don't think about it until we have a literal pain in the neck, but the functionality and mobility of our neck are vital to our overall health and well-being.

As the most flexible part of the spine, our neck supports our head and acts as a bridge between our head and the rest of our body.

Whether you are experiencing an ache that won't go away or a sharp pain that travels into your upper body, your main priority is finding relief from your pain so you can live your life to its fullest.

Continue reading to learn more about how facet joint injection therapy can provide relief for chronic neck pain:

Chronic Neck Pain

The facet joints connect the vertebrae along the spine, allowing flexibility and movement in your back and neck. When these joints become inflamed due to injury, irritation, or wear and tear, it causes neck pain.

1 in 3 people will experience neck pain at least once a year, and possible causes often include an injury or strain to the neck’s muscles and tendons that will get better within days to a few weeks.

If your pain persists or regularly occurs for longer than 3 months, it is considered chronic neck pain and may be a result of an underlying condition.

What is Facet Joint Injection Therapy?

Facet joint injection therapy is a common treatment method for those looking to manage their chronic neck pain symptoms.

During a facet joint injection procedure, an anti-inflammatory steroid is injected directly into the affected facet joints located between the vertebrae of the cervical spine.

Using an X-ray guidance system, your doctor will treat a small area of the skin with a numbing medicine before directing a small needle into the facet joint.

The procedure typically takes about 30 minutes, and you should not feel any pain.

Facet Joint Injections in Henderson, Texas

At Advanced Practice Pain Management, we believe in taking an integrative approach to help you manage your chronic neck pain with the goal of helping you get your life back.

We offer a variety of pain management solutions to the Rusk and Panola County area to mitigate or eliminate the serious risks of chronic opioid use.

Contact us today to learn more about our facet joint injection therapy and your personalized treatment plan for chronic neck pain.